From day one, Response have always been client centric, focused on providing high quality solutions for client projects.
Here is an overview of the technology and services we provide.

Project Management

From your very first contact with us, our knowledgeable Project Managers will be there throughout the planning process all the way to completion of your project providing as much support as you require. 

Audiovisual Equipment

One of the keys of our success is the quality of the audiovisual equipment we supply. Check –  Test – Load, every piece of AV equipment goes through these three steps before leaving our warehouse, ensuring it arrives on-site installation ready, in perfect condition.

Display Technology

Our display technologies encompass a wide range of devices, enabling us to provide the perfect viewing solution for your project and content.
Ranging from 22 to 98 inches in size, we definitely have the perfect size screen for your project.
Need to go bigger and create a larger than life display, or an eye catching curved overhead banner? Then our LED tile solutions allow us to get creative, not just walls and banners we can do floors as well!

Transparent LED, Screens, Reveal

and why not let us sync content across all those pixels.

Interactive Technology

Interactive doesn’t just mean “Touch Screens”. Response can transform any digital display into an engaging experience.
Our collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive journeys wherever Digital Signage is applied. Here are just some of the sensor types we work with to create interactive content:-

  • Lift and Learn wireless
  • RFID
  • Gesture Control
  • Presence sensors
  • Motion detection
  • Hand Gesture detection
  • Lidar Object detection
  • Weight sensors 


Response can provide a wide range lighting solutions to complement a project. From traditional lighting to a wide range of effects. We can sync it with video displays and even map video content to certain types of fixtures.

Application Development

In our world content is King. You can have the latest display technology, but if the content message isn’t clearly delivered or the interaction doesn’t work then the project has failed. Over the years Response have worked alongside client agencies, as well also developing bespoke applications direct for clients. 

Content Delivery Tools

perhaps you just need a smart way to present multiple videos and pdf documents to help reps working on an exhibition stand.

Sales & Marketing Tools

or a bespoke Global Product Pipeline application.


You may be looking to create a crowd attracting centre piece.

Visitor Metrics

As well as collecting content interaction metrics from individual screens, many of our clients want to understand what works and what doesn’t work the complete display environment, how visitors respond to content displays and interactive tools.
To complement our display and media playback solutions, we can add an additional layer of metrics data. Response can also deliver accurate, privacy-protecting, cost-efficient measurement of the presence and movement of people, including occupancy, dwell time, unique visitors, as well as traffic flow on and around your exhibition stand or display area.

Content Creation

One of the secrets to providing the best-looking content display, is understanding how to create content that will look the best it can on that display technology. Our team can create content from scratch or work alongside your existing teams or content agencies to advise and ensure your content will always look it’s best.