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Innovative and Appropriate Technology

Response are always looking at what’s new, not just the latest devices and applications but how existing technologies can be applied in new ways. To us this is the true meaning of innovative. But we also know that innovative technology on its own is not enough – technology must also be appropriate for the end audience, enabling clear, enduring message delivery.


Response approach every brief with a mission to help you leave a lasting impression of your brand. For us this means immersing your audience in rich content, lifting academic and emotive content to a visceral level and promoting learning, understanding and brand awareness.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is in our DNA. Whether it’s taking a brief to engage customers in an unexpected way or resolving a technical conundrum the Response team see problem solving as part of the day-to-day. Solving problems is second nature and a process to be enjoyed!

One-Off Design

Whether your design is already determined or whether you are looking for a tailor made technology, Response will cut the digital cloth accordingly. Our team are adept at creating custom solutions but we also recognize that projects come with existing assets and pre-determined goals so we are just as happy collaborating with your existing teams, content agencies and brand guardians as creating something completely new.

Experience & Expertise

Response draw on the received knowledge of decades of combined practical, hands-on experience forged in the pressure cooker of live events – on the exhibition show floor, backstage productions and conferences. We use the pressure of expectation to challenge ourselves and inspire amazing results.

Anywhere & Everywhere

There’s hardly anywhere that we haven’t worked. Our outlook is global, our ambition without boundaries. We understand the nuances of different venues, different audiences and different locations and we draw on 50+ years of combined experience and the local knowledge of trusted partners to get the best technologies in the right place at the right time.

Engagement that Works

Response know how customers use sensory skills to interact with digital content – we know what works and what doesn’t. If you have an idea, we will help shape the technological interpretation of that idea so it’s just the right format and appropriate for your audience. You tell us the takeaway you seek and we will marry the technology and execution to the desired outcome.

It’s all in the Prep

Fail to prepare….prepare to fail…..Response think about the “what ifs” and all the things that customers don’t see. Latest and greatest technologies mean nothing if the cabling and network infrastructure fail.

We test sample content files for optimisation and make suggestions for improvement. We prep and personally check all our assets before they leave our warehouse and anticipate that on-site request to do more, to go further than the brief demands. We build in extra capability and safeguards as standard.


Technologies that appear in live environments must look good as well as function smoothly. Seamless presentation, ergonomic design and clean lines are as much an extension of a client’s show persona as the graphical and structural displays that frame them. Response continually invest in new technology. We are proud of our assets and we think you will be too.

Investing in the Future

Response are proactive – we walk technology shows, observe competitors, feel the pulse of latest technology trends and talk to technology entrepreneurs, so we can bring our customers some of the best technologies applied in a way that will deliver amazing experiences.

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